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Batteries Fuji AA vatteries

We stock a comprehensive range of batteries including rechargeable camera batteries and charger packs.

Rechargeable (for digital cameras) Inov8 rechargeable batteries
We now stock a range of Inov8 rechargeable camera batteries. We carry the top ten most used
batteries which will fit a range of cameras. To find out if we have one for your camera please enter your details below.

We also carry AA and AAA batteries and AA battery and charger packs.

Universal charger Battery chargers
We stock a universal travel charger which will charge all digital camera batteries plus AA and AAA.

Lithium (for digital cameras and high drain devices) Lithium batteries
We carry lithium camera batteries in AA and AAA, also other commonly used camera batteries, 2CR5, 123A, CR2, and CRV3. These are not rechargeable but will last much longer than alkaline batteries.

Alkaline (for film cameras, remote controls etc) Energizer aa & aaa
AA and AAA, also C and D sizes and 9 volt camera batteries.

Watch batteries
We have a range of commonly used watch batteries but please note that we don’t put them in for you!

Coin cellsEnergizer coin and button cells
We carry the flat, coin type batteries that fit a range of devices from film cameras to key rings.