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September 2013

Camera cases for compacts

The Fuji SL280 Bridge Camera now in stock at King Print

Fuji bridge camera, 28x zoom lens, view finder, lithium battery, HD video, lens stabalisation. Takes great photos, can use in full auto or PASM settings. The SL280 is an ideal travel camera, use it like a compact, but much smaller then a SLR.


March 2013

Camera cases for compacts

The Fuji XP170 Camera comes with Wi-Fi

Water Proof to 10m, Dust and Sand Proof, Shock Proof to 2m, works down to -10'C. This is a tuff camera, which has HD video, 5x zoom all in a compact easy to hold body. Using the Wi-Fi on the XP170 you can send images straight to your mobile phone for viewing and sharing.


Camera cases for compacts

The Fuji JZ200 Camera replaces the JZ100

This popular compact camera with 8x zoom and image stablisation now has an updated sensor. 16 mega pixels instead of 14, but the price stays the same. The Fuji JZ200 has the same metal body and screen, with one touch video. Come in and have a look.

February 2013

Camera cases for compacts

New Compact Camera Cases at King Print

New range of compact camera cases, ideal for the range of Fuji camera we carry in stock. A choice of 7 colours, green and purple are the colours missing from the above photo, come in and have a look. Don't forget we offer a discount when purchased with a camera.

January 2013

Printed t-shirts

New T-Shirt Printing at King Print

Now we are able to offer tribute & slogan t-shirts printed in a variety of colours and materials onto any colour t-shirt. We can offer bright fashion designs, witty slogans or old favorites. Ideal for Hen and Stag events. Birthday presents for the man who has every thing.

"Just leave me alone, I know what I'm doing."
Kimi Raikkonen asks his team to not disturb him over the radio on his way to victory in Abu Dhabi. 4 November 2012

"Yes, yes, yes, yes - I'm doing it all the time. You don't have to remind me every second."
Kimi Raikkonen a few laps later. 4 November 2012

"The older I get the better I was."
King Print customer. 2012

December 2012

Fuji XP50 Camera in Devon

Fuji XP50 in ready for Christmas

Great action camera, Water Proof, Shock Proof, Freeze Proof, Dust Proof plus 5x zoom Fuji lens, one touch 1080 HD video, image stabilation lens. A rugged little camera built for action, good screen, takes great photos.

More details.

November 2012

Italian Silver Frames

Even more Silver Frames at King Print

These Silver Frames are from Italy, already proving popular. The styling has more off a twist, just a little different. Come in and have a look. We also stock traditional thin edge silver frames, wider designs, black glass with silver edge and cream mount and silver frames. Loads of choice, just come in and see how they look with your great photographs.


Great looking Photobooks at King Print

More Photobook Choices

Three sizes, printed on real photo paper, hard cover with a window on the front. Each book comes with a choice of styles to choose from, and has 20 printed sides, either 1 or 5 photos per page, build your book on the kiosk. Not sure what they will look like, see samples in the shop.

Ideal to remember a special occasion, wedding, party, birthday. Top memories of the year, first year of your pets or child's life. Make ideal gifts that will really mean something.

The other option we offer is the instant photobook, choose you photos, select the number of pages, 10 minutes later leave with the book in your hand. Again there are loads of styles to choose from, samples to look at and hold. Great looking instant photobooks.

October 2012

Making Calendars at King Print

More Calendar Choices

Traditional printed calendars, photo calendars and wall planners.

We are now making calendars ready for 2013, 2014 and 2015. You can start any time of year, just choose your start month and year. Makes an ideal thank you gift when visiting friends. These calendars are ideal for posting, send abroad to friends and family so they can see what you have been up to or places traveled to.

We have more ways to get your photos to the kiosk, mobile phone by bluetooth, iPhone (plus iPod & iPad) using our iPhone lead, FaceBook and Picasa plus the normal camera card, CD and USB stick.

Come in and lets get these calendars made.

Wall Planners for seeing the whole year at once.

Ultimate picture quality photo calendar, printed on real photo paper.

Working photo calendar printed on 170g silk stock

September 2012

Extra Kiosks Land at King Print

More kiosks, more options. Burn your images to CD, make a calendar, order a mug, make a photobook, just come in and see.


Fuji Instant Print Kiosk

New Instant Print Kiosks Land at King Print

Two new Fuji Instant Photo Kiosks arrive at King Print, so what does this mean?

We can now do more instant prints sizes, from the popular 6"x4" and 7"x5" prints to 6"x8" enlargements while you wait. Choose an image, print it 6"x8", frame it and walk out the shop with the perfect gift.

Faster printing means less time waiting, 25 prints in less than 5 minutes, more kiosks means less waiting for one to become free, new stools to relax in and enjoy your fine photos.

More ways to get your photos to the kiosk, mobile phone by bluetooth, iPhone (plus iPod & iPad) using our iPhone lead, FaceBook and Picasa plus the normal camera card, CD and USB stick.

Come in and try these fine instant photo kiosks today.

August 2012

Camera bag and back pack

New Camera Bags

New arrivals of camera bags, including new small cases for pocket compacts, zoom holster for DSLR cameras and a back pack for DSLR and lens, flash etc. Could even use with a traditional film camera. Come in and have a play, see how well your camera fits?

May 2012

Fun Fuji Comapct Camera, 3x zoom

Fuji JV250 arrives with three times zoom

The JV250 camera is a compact with 3x zoom lens, ideal starter camera. Comes with rechargeable battery. Spare ones in stock.

See our range of digital cameras, don't forget we have cases, batteries, memory cards, tripods (some that will fit in your pocket) and lens cloths in stock.


Fun Fuji Comapct Camera, 3x zoom

New multi frames

Just in are some stunning white frames with cream mounts, black frames with white mounts all with polished corners. Also we have some multi frames that come with two mounts, so you can either use just one mount at either 6x4 or 7x5, or double mount the 6x4 or mix them so you have a single mount on the 7x5 and a double mount on the 6x4. Lots of options out of the box. You could also use as a long panoramic frame too!

The other frame we have, shown above is a multi aperture wooden frame that takes 8 photos of differing sizes. Ideal as a gift with family photos or for a special event or holiday etc

April 2012

Fun Fuji Comapct Camera

Fuji T400 arrives as upgrade to T200

The T400 camera is a compact with a metal body and has a 10x zoom lens, 28mm wide angle (35mm equivalent) to get close to the action. Also it features Dual Image Stabilisation the combination of high sensitivity and CCD shift image stabilisation that works to eliminate blurred photos by freezing action and minimizing blurs at maximum zoom range. Works in scenes such as subjects in motion, low-light conditions, and underwater that usually gives blurry results.

See our range of digital cameras, don't forget we have cases, batteries, memory cards, tripods (some that will fit in your pocket) and lens cloths in stock.

March 2012

Fun Fuji Comapct Camera

Fuji JX370 arrives to carry on great 5x zoom value

Now there are only a few of the JX530 cameras left we have the JX370 coming in. Carrying on the great value pocket camera with 5x zoom, lithium battery, compact body, HD video and great Fuji picture quality. The JX530 must have been one of our best sellers, especially in red. The new JX370 comes in Pink, Black & Silver. We have offer bundle options for cases and memory cards etc when you buy a new camera.

See our range of digital cameras, don't forget we have cases, batteries, memory cards, tripods (some that will fit in your pocket) and lens cloths in stock.

February 2012

UK made Wooden Frames

New Wooden Frames

We have just had delivery of a new range of wooden frames. Made in England, these frames have a flat 1.5 inch molding. Sizes in stock so far are 6x8, 10x8 and 12x10.


Camera Repairs

Camera & Camera Equipment Repair

Bring in your camera for repair, we will give you an estimate of the costs involved. We can advise your best option. All brands repaired, repair work is guaranteed. Other work we can do is DSLR sensor cleaning, service of binoculars and other equipment like studio lights, camcorders, scopes and film cameras.

January 2012

Photography books

Free Prints with Digital Camera Purchases

When you purchase a new digital camera from us we will give you a voucher for some free prints plus 10% off a large format print on photo or fine art paper plus 5.00 off a mini canvas wrap or 10.00 off a canvas wrap. This allows you to see how good your new digital camera is. It could be our starter camera with AA batteries and three times zoom, or our bridge camera with 18 times zoom. Pop in and have a look at our range of cameras today.

Digital cameras

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