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Summer 2006

Kingsbridge Community College Team

Argentina Expedition 2006 - Kingsbridge Community College

20 months to get ready, 20 months to get excited, 20 months to get fit and then the first all girl expedition from KCC was off……off to Argentina!
We had spent nearly 2 years planning our itinerary, raising funds, holding car boot sales, a body shop party and a fashion show evening supported by Debenhams of Plymouth where we modeled clothes on a cat walk and demonstrated make-overs. The teamwork that was necessary throughout this time helped us to gel as a unit and be accountable for our own actions. This philosophy was with us for the entire expedition and printed on our t-shirts was ‘Living by the consequences’!
The expedition begun with the Challenge Phase – The Trek! We spent 3 days in the snowy mountains of San Martin de los Andes. It was a huge challenge for the team and snow shoeing was exhausting for all. It highlighted the need to be resilient to the feeling of stopping and giving up and also to the need to help and support others around us even though we were feeling under pressure ourselves. Motivation to succeed was at an all time high and morale was buoyant. Reaching the top of Laguna Verde was a momentous achievement and will never be forgotten.
The Project Phase was undertaken in a town in the north called Candaleria. This gave us a clear insight into a new and very different culture. We painted the Sunday School buildings and renovated a public park area. We developed close links with the project coordinators during this short time and for many of us it was our most memorable phase because of the everlasting impressions that the community left upon us. We were shown unbelievable hospitality and it was humbling to see how much of an impact our small contributions had on this rural community.
We had several cultural experiences throughout our expedition. We visited The Valdes Peninsula where we rested and went whale watching. The interaction with nature was spectacular. We traveled to Iguacu Falls, massive waterfalls on the Brazilian, Paraguayan and Argentinean border. Wow! On the way back to Buenos Aeries at the end of our expedition we stayed in the Pampas area near Mercedes. We saw abundant wildlife and experienced a truly remote existence which allowed us to reflect on a unique experience that we had shared.
We had a lot of help on the way. Southface and King Print sponsored us and many of you helped us to fund raiser. Thank you so much for all you have done, we will never forget the opportunity that we have had and the skills that we have developed.

The Team:
Phoebe Bocchinelli
Heather Burnett
Vicky Eeles-Willets
Katie Evans
Emily Menzies
Bella Newman
Lucy Norman
Felicity Perraton
Lucy Smallridge
Emily Squire
Naomi Stevens
Beth Welcomme

22 March 2006

New Plan Copier

Plan Copying comes to Kingsbridge High Street

Now you can just pop in and have your large plans copied while you wait. Ideal for planning applications when you need 6 of everything. Need a spare copy for the builder to use on site, maybe even get the copy encapsulated so that it will last till the job is finished.

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